How To Make Your Morning Happier

This is the beginning of a new series I am going to call “Soul Food.” For a while now I’ve felt there is a space missing on this site for the really important things. The heart and soul things. Sure, I talk about my battle with disordered eating  and my healing process through Intuitive Eating, but I haven’t touched much on the happiness aspect of Brewing Happiness.

I believe that health and happiness are directly related, but health doesn’t guarantee happiness. It’s more nuanced than that. Happiness must be fought for, each and every day. It sounds ironic to say that happiness takes hard work, but I’ve found that to be really true. So I am going to start providing simple “recipes” for functional happiness. Hopefully they spark some joy in your world. 

This recipe is for a quick and easy way to make your morning just a little bit happier. Maybe you woke up in a funk. Maybe you’ve been in a rut. Maybe you just want to jump start your day in a positive way. Maybe you’ve developed some unhealthy morning habits. No matter what it is, this is a great way to shake up your morning, and connect your body to your mind and heart. It works. I promise. 


A real life "recipe" for how to make your morning happier!




  • pajamas (optional)
  • 1 green smoothie (can sub coffee
  • LOUD MUSIC, your favorite song
  • zero fucks
  • dance moves, awful or amazing
  • singing, awful or amazing


  1. Get out of bed.
  2. Make a green smoothie or drink coffee. 
  3. Turn on your music and crank up the volume.
  4. Dance and sing your heart out. I don’t care how dumb you feel, it’s part of the recipe.
  5. Repeat until you feel ready to conquer the world (or at least until you feel a *little* happier than when you woke up.)
  7. Celebrate health-ier. 

A guide for making your mornings happier that includes dancing and singing in your kitchen (no matter how dumb you feel.)


These things, these recipes, are going to sound simple. Some might even sound dumb. But I promise that if you open your heart a little, they will surprise you. YOU will surprise you. And you may add in some happiness. 

I am never going to promise that my recipes will cure your depression or make you invincible to sadness (in fact I think we should get better at feeling our sadness), but I can promise that they will lift your spirt. Even just for a moment. And all of those tiny little moments add up. Sometimes they even make up a lifetime. xo


girl dancing in her kitchen in front of big, light filled windows.


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