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Gluten-Free Chewy Almond Cookies

These Gluten-Free Chewy Almond Cookies are our spin on an Italian Ricciarelli, made with homemade almond paste (it's easy), corn flour, and coconut sugar!

Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 45 minutes
Servings 24 cookies


Almond Paste Ingredients

  • 3 c Bob's Red Mill Blanched Almond Flour Spooned into measure
  • 3 T Sugar Granulated
  • 1 t Almond Extract

Cookie Ingredients

  • 6 oz (1c + 2T) Bob's Red Mill Corn Flour
  • ½ t Salt
  • 5 oz (3/4c + 2T) Coconut Sugar
  • 1 T Baking Powder
  • 2 Egg Whites
  • 1 t Vanilla Extract
  • ¼ C Crushed Almonds


  1. In a food processor combine all ingredients.
  2. Blend until a paste forms, scraping down sides every 5 minutes or so. (This will take about 20 minutes.)
  3. Combine almond paste, corn flour, salt, sugar, and baking powder in a food processor and blend well, until an even uniform mix has been achieved. This could be mixed by hand in a large bowl if necessary.

  4. Move mixture to a large mixing bowl, if using food processor to mix, then add the white part of 2 eggs and vanilla, mix together until a solid mass of dough has formed.
  5. Preheat oven to 325℉.
  6. On a lined sheet pan, form roughly 1oz balls, if using the whole batch about 24, half batch will get 12.
  7. Space them about an inch apart, not much spreading will happen.
  8. Top with some crushed almonds, lightly pressing down to help them stick.
  9. Bake for 13-15 minutes, turning halfway through.
  10. Allow to cool then enjoy!

Recipe Video