Zach Bryan Height: From “Heading South” Outside His Navy Barracks to Country Music Stardom – Is He As Tall As You Think?

Zach Bryan Height

You probably noticed the striking presence of American country music star Zach Bryan. Part of his charisma can be a result of his undeniable talent, captivating lyrics, and original music. Yet, something about his physical presence draws attention too.

Standing tall and confident, Zach Bryan height adds to his loved-by-all magnetic charm. So, exactly how tall is he?

Keep reading to learn more about the famous singer and songwriter. Today, you’ll find out everything you need about his characteristics, life, and career.

Zach Bryan: Personal Profile

Zach Bryan

Zach Bryan is living the American dream after taking the music scene by storm. With his soulful voice, he’s captured the hearts of fans across the country. Here’s a quick overview of his profile:

  • Full Name: Zachary Lane Bryan
  • Date of Birth: April 2, 1996
  • Place of Birth: Okinawa, Japan
  • School: Oologah High School
  • Higher Education: Bachelor’s degree in psychology
  • Instruments: Guitar and harmonica
  • Occupation: Singer and songwriter
  • Music Genre: Alt-country, Americana, and country rock
  • Net Worth: $1–1.5 million
  • Siblings: One sister (Mackenzie Taylor)

Zach Bryan Height: How Tall Is Zach Bryan?

Zach Bryan Height

Usually, the height of a celebrity is one of the factors raising curiosity among fans and followers. Not that it affects their talent in any way, but it adds to their overall image and presence. Plus, some fans tend to like finding similarities between them and their favorite stars, including height.

Zach Bryan, with his striking appearance and commanding stage persona, is no exception. Although it’s hard to guess his height just by watching him through the screen (or even in a concert), it seems like Zach is a bulky dude.

While there’s no definitive source confirming exactly how tall Zach Bryan is, some informal reports suggest that the popular singer and songwriter stands at around six feet tall (183 centimeters).

That said, a few other sources confirm that the country superstar is, in fact, shorter than this. Claiming that he’s only 5 feet 9 inches tall (175 centimeters), these speculations suggest that Zach Bryan fits within the average height of American males.

On the other hand, many fans believe that Zach Bryan is exceptionally tall, surpassing the 6-foot mark by over three additional inches (about 191 centimeters).

Such rumors result from the fact that Zach Bryan often towers over most of those standing around him. Moreover, there are some stories of him playing basketball from his past school days circulating. However, this is also one of the unconfirmed pieces of information about him.

Whether tall or not, Zach Bryan’s height always allows him to pull off different fashion styles with confidence. Most times, his posture complements his outfits, not the other way around.

Zach Bryan: Who Is He?

Zach Bryan

Zach Bryan is a promising artist and rising country music star. He’s an award-winning singer and songwriter best known for his hit songs “Something in the Orange” and “I Remember Everything.”

Initially, Zach wasn’t shooting for fame. Instead, he was just enjoying his time writing and playing his original songs.

During the time he was serving in the U.S. Navy, he would record videos of himself jamming to his music using a mobile phone. Then, he would upload the videos to YouTube for his friends to watch.

In no time, his music started to gain popularity outside of his friends’ circle. Now, Zach Bryan is a prominent figure in country music.

Zach Bryan: Early Life and Childhood

Zach Bryan was born in 1996, in Japan. At that time, his father was serving in the U.S. Navy and was stationed overseas in Okinawa, a Japanese prefecture consisting of over 150 islands located between Taiwan and Japan.

However, the family didn’t spend many years over there. As reported by many, Zach spent most of his life as a young boy in Oologah, Oklahoma.

Zach Bryan: Family

Zach Bryan Family

Both of Zach’s parents, Dewayne Bryan and Annette DeAnn Bryan, served in the U.S. Navy. When he was only 12 years old, they separated. As a result, Zach went on to live with his father, who got full custody of him. Despite that, Zach kept maintaining a close bond with his mom.

Shortly after his mom died in 2016, Zach wrote about her on Instagram, saying, “My mom was my best friend. She knew me better than I knew myself, and better than anyone will ever know me.”

As for Zach’s dad, it doesn’t take a genius to notice how proud he is. He’s a regular at almost all of his son’s shows. During an interview, Dewayne stated, “There’s just no way to describe what it’s like being the parent of this person.”

About Zach’s Sister, MacKenzie

Zach has an older sister who was born in 1994. Her name is MacKenzie Bryan Taylor, and she’s a professional stand-up comedian. Just like Dewayne does with Zach, he also encourages his daughter and supports her career all the way.

MacKenzie is one of the biggest supporters of Zach’s career. She always stood by his side and was incredibly proud of him when he received his first Grammy award.

Zach Bryan: Education

Zach Bryan

Zach Bryan went to Oologah High School in Oklahoma after moving there around his eighth-grade year. As claimed by his sister, he started playing the guitar while he was in middle school.

Despite that, music wasn’t Zach’s sole focus in school. Besides his artistic interests, he served as student council president and also joined the wrestling team. Although, at the time, he had never thought of becoming a musician, he always loved telling stories through music.

Upon turning 17, Zach decided to carry on with his family’s legacy of serving in the army. Consequently, he signed for it and served as an aviation ordnance man in both Florida and Washington. He also served abroad, in countries such as Bahrain and Djibouti. Throughout his service, his responsibilities included handling, repairing, and managing weapons.

Zach Bryan: College Degree

It wasn’t until recently that Zach Bryan finished his college education and got a bachelor’s degree in psychology. This accomplishment was in fulfillment of his late mother’s dream. She passed away in 2016 and has always hoped for him to receive a college degree.

In an announcement on social media, Zach wrote about achieving this milestone: “No arrogance attached, just a promise I made my mom a long while back. Bound to be a good week guys.”

Although it’s not exactly clear where Zach Bryan received this degree from, this achievement shows the love and dedication he had for his mother.

Zach Bryan: The Start of a Music Career

Zach Bryan

Zach Bryan spent most of his free time in the Navy writing music. He began posting his videos online in 2015, initially just for fun. The first song he uploaded was called “God Speed.”

Over time, he continued this practice, eventually sharing a total of 16 videos. Yet, it wasn’t until he released the single “Heading South” that hundreds of people began to take notice of his work. At this time, Zach was just a young Navy serviceman in his twenties.

Despite being an active member of the U.S. Navy, Zach’s passion for music continued to grow. As his online fan base expanded, he realized his potential for a music career beyond the walls of the military base. Thus, he began focusing more on his creations.

In 2019, Zach Bryan released his debut album, “DeAnn,” which he dedicated to his late mother. This album contained 12 tracks and earned him widespread popularity within the country music community.

After the success of “DeAnn,” Zach continued to release songs independently. He released another album in 2020 with the name “Elisabeth.” Just like his debut album, this one didn’t disappoint. Contrarily, it further reinforced his reputation as a rising star.

In 2021, upon signing a deal with Warner Records, Zach announced that he was honorably discharged from the Navy after eight years of service. Not long after, he went for his 2021 nationwide tour “Ain’t For Tamin” as a full-time performer.

Zach Bryan: Personal Life

Brianna Chickenfry

Zach Bryan was married for a brief period to Elisabeth Rose Madden, whom he named his second album after. Supposedly, they met when he was serving in the Navy and got married in 2020. However, their relationship ended a year later, just after the release of the album.

Later on, Zach dated Deb Peifer for a while. Yet, by the end of May 2023, he announced their breakup on Twitter “for transparency,” as he put it.

Rumor has it that he’s currently dating an internet star known as Brianna Chickenfry. She’s a TikTok star, podcaster, content creator, and social media influencer. Her real name is Brianna LaPaglia, and she met him in 2023 at the ACM Awards.

Zach Bryan: Current Residence

Ever since he started his professional music career, Zach Bryan has been living in Philadelphia. That said, he still visits Oologah now and then. Furthermore, he even maintains a large property over there.

Images source: Instagram